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Nov 16th UPDATE

Dear sisters and brothers: Next week, Wed Nov 16th will be a very busy day in the Capitol building, for those who have made this a priority and will be in Springfield I am very grateful, the original plan that was mentioned in the web page had to be cancelled due to not many parents… Read More »

Steps to turn this proposed bill into a law

1-  Study the proposed bill, and share this bill with other people that seek the same changes in family law, parents, family members, friends 2- Make sure you are a registered voter 3- Make appointments with your local Senator and Representative (very important to make that appointment for Nov 16th if possible) try to see them at… Read More »

Start today!

Sep 27, 2016 Dear sisters and brothers: Do not wait until later, start making your appointments with your Senators and Representatives today! we are aiming to have hundreds of lobbyists…and we are counting on each and everyone of you to do that, the plan calls for each member to 1- see who their Senators and Reps are… Read More »


Dear sisters and brothers: Please keep Wednesday Nov 16 open in your schedule, Illinoisfathers will meet in Springfield at the capitol building at 0900 until 0500 pm, that day the Legislators will be in session from Nov 15-17 . If you live in the southern area we ask you to please have any of those days available,… Read More »