By | March 19, 2017

Dear sisters and brothers:
This coming week we should now if we get the approval for our demonstration in downtown , Chicago, at the James R Thompson building, if you are familiar with the area you know very well is very heavy populated area, perfect for our rally, when I spoke to the person in charge of events she confirmed that there shouldn’t be a problem in approving application for rally but we still have to wait for an answer, I’m very positive it will be approve, please start making plans to be with us that day, if anyone wants to help out please let us know in facebook.
Everyone is invited, I like to extend a special invitation to our members and friends in Chicago and surrounding areas, invite your friends,family.
– Bring your folding chairs
– Bring a snack ( restaurants get a bit expensive In the area)
– If you like to be a speaker let us know in facebook
– Anyone knows anyone in the media?…tv, newspapers, radio?
– Prepare a list , so( as soon as we get approval) you can invite your Reps or Senators to be speakers…is much better if invitation comes from their constituents, but Illinoisfathers will also send invitation
– lets help each other by car pooling, if you have a large car and like to volunteer please let us know in facebook
– Bring signs, place pics on them ( if you choose to)and mention when was the last time you saw your child due to parental alienation.
You have ideas, suggestions? constructive criticism?….send them, Love to hear from you
Juancarlos Felipe

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