By | February 16, 2017

Please watch this video, it coves a reason why there is a need to fix this problem, one thing that it fails to mention is when in an order of protection based on false allegations the child is included that’s when the accused parent (father or mother) is separated from their child and this order is usually good for two years with the option to be extended if accused parent disobeys order, this is the beginning of the nightmare…we need to fight this together without falling in the government’s game of divide and conquer that has the two genders against each other, there are many responsible and honest fathers and mothers, just like there are many irresponsible and dishonest fathers and mothers, our main concern….that our children do not have to pay the consequences of dishonest parents, I hope after watching this video you become motivated to be a part of the change and join the committee that will work on legislation and come up with a bill against this injustice.

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This is truly an epidemic problem which is completely unconstitutional and which without…
Juancarlos Felipe
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