By | February 13, 2017

Dear family,a few points to cover, our shared parenting bill did not make it to the rules committee, our last chance was Feb 10th, I’ve called Rep La shawn Ford several times to talk about the bill, and I will insist in a face to face meeting with him, this must not be taken as a failure, we will take this as an opportunity to make a better bill, also in plans are ….with your help….bills against Parental alienation, Abusive order of protection, I’m still waiting for you to let me know who wants to be a part of the committee against these two important issues that affect our children…so the next question is…why haven’t I heard from you yet????…you the parents that complaint that your children are being alienated, you the parents that complaint about abusive orders of protections that are separating your children from you.
We all need to be a part of this, can you imagine 10 people showing up at the rally April 25th?….what will that say to judges? what will it say to the press?, I know you are hurting, I know , we all have been there, but in your pain you need to find the strength to stand and the faith to believe , to believe that you can change this, faith is great I have tons of faith, but faith needs action.
Please don’t “like” this message …share it instead….or better yet comment about it .
Juancarlos Felipe

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