Nov 16th UPDATE

By | November 11, 2016

Dear sisters and brothers:
Next week, Wed Nov 16th will be a very busy day in the Capitol building, for those who have made this a priority and will be in Springfield I am very grateful, the original plan that was mentioned in the web page had to be cancelled due to not many parents answering the call, although I’m disappointed I’m not discouraged at all and we will proceed with the plan to talk to as many legislators as possible, I hope when the Bill goes to the floor we can count with your presence because it is needed , nothing will change if Legislators have the perception that only a handful of people complaint about family law, we are more than a handful, much more, but there must be reasons why hundreds of parents that do complaint about missing their children and complaint about an unjust system do not participate in an event assigned to fight exactly that.
If you are not able to make it, I still like to thank you, because you may be able to talk to your Senators and Representatives in your district, call them, email them, fax them a copy of the proposed bill, the more people your Legislators hear from the more they will consider this issue an important one, I need to emphasize how important it is for you to inform us about your meeting with them.
If you will be joining us in Springfield I will be posting a plan within the next couple of days on how we are going to organize and divide the work load.
Illinoisfathers was more than ready and prepared to charter a bus to go to Springfield, however , due to the poor amount of people committing to this event we will not be able to provide transportation, if you are in the Chicago area and you are going to Springfield, let me know, maybe we can help each other and rent a van or a car, we are still looking for someone in the Springfield area with transportation to let us know if you can help members in that area, thank you .
Juancarlos Felipe

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4 thoughts on “Nov 16th UPDATE

  1. Randal Pherigo

    Im going to be there. wild horses couldn’t drag me away. Wish Id have known who to vote for last week.. Illinois is awful how they treat their fathers.

  2. Randal Pherigo

    Illinois Men are silenced and diminished by a legal system which has they’re hands bound by ID Politics., its status quo for any man in this state, and many others; once he has a child, regardless of marital status, race, financial position.. and its not changing without “real men” who stand up. Contact you’re legislator immediately, write these dates on your calendar. because it is without question going to affect the rest of your childs life.


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