Steps to turn this proposed bill into a law

By | November 5, 2016

1-  Study the proposed bill, and share this bill with other people that seek the same changes in family law, parents, family members, friends

2- Make sure you are a registered voter

3- Make appointments with your local Senator and Representative (very important to make that appointment for Nov 16th if possible) try to see them at least twice before January 2017, when asked for the purpose of your meeting tell their assistants that you like to talk about the introduction of a proposed bill to family law, optional: wear the pins of the official you will be meeting

4- Print the synopsis and the proposed bill’s language and place it neatly in a folder, on the cover of the folder add ‘ Shared parenting 2016 proposed bill” this folder will be given to your Senators and Representatives.

5- Prepared yourself for that appointment and make sure they know you are their constituent, bring pens and paper to write any notes or questions your officials may have, try if able to bring family or other parents that like to see this bill turn into law, take pictures with them

6- Be polite but firm, not demanding, mind the tone of your voice and your body language.

7-  Ask your officials that we are looking for a Legislator to sponsor our bill, you will probably have about 20 minutes to make your presentation, make every second count, practice and again… the bill.

8- At the end of the meeting no matter what their attitude towards the bill is a smile, a firm hand shake go a long way, if you don’t have an answer to their questions make sure and tell them you will get back to them with the answer, write to us, we are here to help you.

9- As you are leaving the office make sure you talk to their assistant to schedule a follow up appointment, please call us and let us know about your meeting

Talk to everyone that will listen to you , there are many parents out there that do not realize that our voice has power , save your Senator and Representative’s phone, email and fax on your phone, remember……IF WE DON’T FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN….WHO WILL?

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