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By | September 27, 2016

Sep 27, 2016

Dear sisters and brothers:

Do not wait until later, start making your appointments with your Senators and Representatives today! we are aiming to have hundreds of lobbyists…and we are counting on each and everyone of you to do that, the plan calls for each member to 1- see who their Senators and Reps are call them and make that appointment…..2- read the bill and be informed….3-download and print the bill and the synopsis along with other sheets we will have ready on web site  to take them and leave them when you see the Legislators.

Remember the GA will meet from Nov 15-17 , our local friends will start this on Nov 15th , we will join them in Springfield Nov 16 and our local members will finish the round on Nov 17th, before Nov 15th we will inform you on a plan to how we will organize to talk to each member of the GA, it is of extreme importance that you keep us updated on all your appointments.

Please, share this information

Thank you

Juancarlos Felipe

President of Illinoisfathers


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2 thoughts on “Start today!

  1. Dustin Kent

    Hello Juancarlos,

    My name is Dustin Kent. I am fighting a huge injustice in Peru. My ex is slandering my name, and got me thrown in jail, wrongfully, for 7.5 months, based on her lies to the police and media in Peru. My friend Kevin has suffered because of it as well. Please contact me if you want.

    Thanks, Dustin Kent, RN

    1. Juancarlos Felipe Post author

      Hello Dustin, we are so glad to hear that finally the truth is coming out, we have been following you and your story will help so many parents here that are in the same situation that you are, Illinois fathers is behind you, we are here for you, I’m wondering if the US gov has been putting enough pressure on the Peruvian gov so that Peru complies with The Hague convention treaty that it has signed, hope you don’t have to face what Goldman did a few years ago in Brazil, I’m hoping to be in Lima mid Nov after our Day on the Hill event in Springfield, Illinois, I would like to talk and join forces to try to help you and Adrianna as much as we can, hope we can meet in Lima.
      Juancarlos Felipe


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