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Dear sisters and brothers:

Please keep Wednesday Nov 16 open in your schedule, Illinoisfathers will meet in Springfield at the capitol building at 0900 until 0500 pm, that day the Legislators will be in session from Nov 15-17 .

If you live in the southern area we ask you to please have any of those days available, mainly Nov 15 and 17,on Nov 16 we will be there , all members ,their parents and their friends, please do all possible to be there, everyone is needed that day,we are hoping to get the rotunda, the more numbers we get the more the media will be interested, all the legislators will be getting a copy of the Bill along with other information that may help turn this bill into law, this needs to be organized as early as possible, for now your presence that day is very important.

Thank you

Juancarlos Felipe



Latest as of Sep 21st: A reservation to rotunda has been made, there is a group that will be there in the morning so we would have from 1330-1630 available awaiting on confirmation


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3 thoughts on “A DAY ON THE HILL NOV 16, 2016

  1. Patti

    So for clarification, is the rally Nov 16th or for all three days 15-17. I was I little confused by the way it was worded. I will be there.

    1. Juancarlos Felipe Post author

      I apologize for any confusion, the Legislators will be meeting from Nov 15th-17th, I am hoping local members from Springfield and surrounding areas will take advantage of time and start talking to Legislators that very first day, then, on Nov 16th Illinoisfathers will meet and continue talking to our officials, we are waiting the confirmation of the rotunda, finally on the 17th,again, we are counting on local IF members to meet with the legislators we didn’t have a chance to talk the first or second day, I believe is important that we take advantage of all 3 days.

    2. illinoisfathers

      The 15th and the 17th will be short session days therefore us locals can utilize those days since we are in the area. The 16th will be the day when we need everyone there. It will be a full day of session and the Legislators will be in early that day.


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